Lino September 17, 2017 Houston

Thank you anila mam for the support and the positivity you created in my mind which help me a lot ..thank you so much for the review classes and the inspiration..

Ann Mary Joseph September 16, 2017 india

I just want to say thanks to god and apple rn,I PASSED NCLEX .madam anila helped me tremendously.i have truely been motivated everyday by listening her success stories .Her classess are really good and she simplifies everything in a way which we can understand.without any doubt i can say it was my right decision that i joined apple rn onsite class.once again i thank everyone who support me for achieving this great success and i wish all the very best to apple rn,and madam anila simon.thank you,god bless you

Roshan Pathiyil September 16, 2017 Chicago

Apple RN is a great review course , it helped me remember all the important things and Anila mams encouragement and motivation is really exciting and encouraging. She is always their with emotional support as well and answering any doubts. I highly recommend using Apple RN.

Shelly Chand September 14, 2017

I love this nclex review. This gave me lots of motivation and of course knowledge how to tackle questions. I may not be perfect yet, but I will be in no time.

Thanks for such a wonderful prep you have done !!!!!!!

Florence Karani June 28, 2017

Hello Mrs Anila I have no words. I wrote the exam on Tuesday morning and I was hesitant to check the the whole day. I did my very best to study and left every thing to God. I'm rejoicing. I passed the exam. Thank you so much for your motivation through emails and the quotes in videos .

Beauty Valdez June 25, 2017

Hello Ms Anila! I did it!!! I'm officially an RN now!
I was so nervous to check online. I even called the BON to confirm this! It's still unreal!
You were a HUGE part of my journey. I listened to your lectures twice and it worked. Thank you so much!

Adebanke Dada-Wilson June 9, 2017

I love Professor Anila Simon. She simplifies everything in a way that is easy to grasp. I wish she teaches all my classes at school. Thank you! - Udemy

Marissa Johnson June 2, 2017

It is very good detail, I just hope that I can retain it. - Udemy

Maria Sunny April 3, 2017 Kerala

Thank you, Anila madam.your classes are very informative and very helpful to students those who are preparing for nclex rn exam. it is soo easy to understand the way you teach.and your positive attitude is giving me inspiration to study.

Frank February 2, 2017

I am doing my nclex in 3days, your free webiner videos
on youtube are really nice.

Ohra Nyankan January 10, 2017

Your videos and classes are very helpful in preparing for NCLEX RN. I especially liked it when you say examples from your experience in USA. It help people like us who are not in USA to understand how things are there. Thank you.

Ms Phouminh December 20, 2016

Thank you so much for such a clear and on-point clarification to my question,Anila! I love your webinars because of the ways you make it do much easier to grasp and digest easily in each topics. Your lectures has help me tremendously in ways I never experienced before in the past. I'm a repeat test taker. I have been studying as you recommended us to. I feel very confident that I will pass this time. My test date is approaching in 3 weeks. Any additional advice for me?

Anu Cherian October 15, 2016

Dear Mam, thanks for the videos. I really like your teaching and the way u explain. It is very easy to study and prepare for RN with your class. Thank you

Lilian Nwakanma June 8, 2016

Dear Professor Simon, I wish to let you know that I passed my board exam last week and i am very happy to notify you who made it possible and gave ideas and all that. I thank you and appreciate your Webinars it was helpful especially your advise of what we should look for in NCLEX questions. Thank you very much and God bless.

Stefanie April 18, 2016 Houston

Mrs. Simon,
I passed NCLEX on my first try, but I truly believe that YOU held a strong part in that. You are amazing!

Anupama Rao February 13, 2016 Houston

I got to know about Mrs. Simon through my friends while preparing for NCLEX exam. I attended her 3 powerful webinars about 2hours each, which made it so clear about how to look at the question and know what the question is asking for. I was enlightened by the guidance or tips given by Mrs. Simon in planning for the exam. She is very knowledgeable and content oriented, strives for our success throughout. When I approached her for tips and strategies she was very kind enough to give a detailed strategic plan for studying and building my confidence much more before my exam. I practiced SATA questions the way Mrs. Simon guided. I took my NCLEX exam two days back applying all the strategies learned and today got my unofficial result saying I passed my exam!! I am so thankful to Mrs. Simon for her constant guidance, support, strategies and tips for my success!!!! She is absolutely student oriented and caring, I wish everyone can get the best out of her!!!!

APARNA JAIMON VALLITHOTTATHIL February 7, 2016 Philadelphia


I wrote my NCLEX RN exam last week and I passed . This was largely due to the support,guidance and encouragement I got from Ms. Anila Simon . I also attended her one month Learn Nursing International course , Which helped me to pass the exam.

Thank you very much.

ArShuana Lee December 17, 2015 Houston, TX

Anila is simply AMAZING!!!! She is always willing to help with a smile on her face! If we didn't understand a certain topic we would go visit her so that she could break down the information and teach it to us in a simplified way. Not only is she a GREAT teacher and mentor, she is a GREAT person. She has such a wonderful spirit and loves to help the students through out our journey through nursing school. I would highly recommend her to help guided you along the journey to becoming a RN. She will be truly missed!

Emily G. December 16, 2015 Houston, TX

Mrs. Anila Simon was my MedSurg I instructor in Summer 2014. With her kind heart and caring manner, she assisted me with being able to understand the connection between nursing theory and clinical practice. Her knowledge about any subject helped me to understand what I was learning in the nursing program and be able to apply it in the clinical setting. She encouraged me when I felt inadequate in a particular area of learning. During our post-conference sessions, she would give us the opportunity to not only speak about our day, but encouraged us to ask questions about anything. For example, at the time I did not understand why someone would get a particular cardiac medication (an ACE inhibitor versus a Beta Blocker), she helped me in finding out why. I highly recommend Mrs. Simon for any assistance needed in a nursing program, or for preparation afterwards for the NCLEX.

Melissa B December 14, 2015 Houston

Professor Simon was a blessing to me during my Med-Surg I & II class. I was able to share with her what we were discussing in class and the concepts/topics I was not comfortable with and she pulled together information to reinforce the material for me. She explains things in a very general, understanding way for me. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone having a difficult time in any class. I will miss her, but will contact her in the future for any assistance. She is always smiling!

Carrie B December 10, 2015 Houston, TX

I had the honor of working with Mrs. Simon in the fall of 2014 for my med-surge 2 clinical experience. She was so kind and patient with me during clinical. I found her to be one of the most encouraging clinical instructors that I ever had. Her teaching ability is also phenomenal. She took the time to teach and review with us what we were learning in the classroom. She also tried to coordinate any hospital experiences that we could use along with our lecture topic. I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Simon!!!

Yogeeta Patel-Larmore RN BSN December 1, 2015 Arkansas

I have known Mrs Anila Simon since 2005. She's been one of the most positive & compassionate nurses that I have ever worked with. She's very knowledgable & has been the one person that would come up with unique ways to educate our patients. She was not only an attribute to our patients but also to our staff. She always encouraged us to further our education and to attain a high standard in our practice. Her contagious positive attitude, love of education & people make her the perfect candidate in whatever she pursues.

Azeneth H. November 30, 2015 Houston, TX

I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Anila Simon as my Med-Surg 2 clinical instructor in the fall of 2014. She is an awesome professor, great mentor, and extremely dedicated to her students. She loves to teach and knows how to break things down in easier terms. Although Mrs. Simon was only my clinical instructor, she helped guide and coach me in my academics. I can only imagine how much easier the nursing program would have been had I had Mrs. Simon throughout nursing school! Without reservation, I highly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with nursing school.

Arturo Barajas November 30, 2015 Houston, TX

I met Mrs. Anila Simon earlier this year, as I began to regularly join workshops at school. In one of those workshops I recall her stating "come see me if you need one on one tutoring" As a new student to Health Assessment, I was struggling and needed all the help I could get. After workshop was over, I immediately approached her to as her about setting up a one on one meeting with her. As I continued my visits to the weekly workshops, I began to notice a difference in the way I would better understand the concepts we were being taught. Mrs. Simon's approach on how to better understand things was a tremendous help, & was clearly evident in my success. I truly appreciate all of the time & effort she has put in. She has made a huge impact in my life & would recommend her to anyone who is seeking help through nursing school.

Rena N. November 28, 2015 Houston, TX

I had Mrs. Anila Simon as my Med-Surg 1 clinical instructor in 2014. She was fantastic and very knowledgeable. She has been one of the most caring instructors I have known throughout my experience in the Nursing Program. She truly loves to teach and helped me learn the difference between my cardiac medications. She always encouraged questions during post-conference and took every opportunity she had to provide learning experiences for her students. My classmates and I loved having her as our clinical instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with the nursing program.

Yetunde F September 1, 2015 Houston

Well I definitely was encouraged after my session with Mrs Simon.There were simple things she said that just got stuck with me. The vocal sounds and knowing Adventitious sounds in respiratory system. It was really helpful because most people need encouragement sometimes. Ohh and her personality is so contagious. Thank you very much and I definitely would be learning more from you.


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